Do you have balance problems? Do you feel unsteady, wobbly? Do you have to hold onto people or things around you to feel secure? Have you fallen or fear that you may fall?

If you have answered yes to one or more of these questions you should book a Vestibular Assessment. The vestibular system (the inner ear sensors for balance and its connections to the brain) are a major part of our balance system. It is essential to know whether the vestibular system is contributing to your sense of imbalance. You will only know what to expect from a rehabilitation program if you know what parts of your balance system can still be relied upon.

Michael is 75 years old and has lost his hearing in both ears progressively over the past 5 years. He has had dizziness only once, during one of the drops in his hearing. He uses a cane and holds onto furniture and walls for better balance. He believes his legs are just getting weaker. A vestibular assessment shows that Michael has lost vestibular function completely: his inner ear sensors for balance are not working, in both ears. Michael did not know that the inner ear also had a role in his balance. He was counselled on the importance of his vision and his proprioceptive system for balance and a Falls Prevention Program was designed for him.