If you have dizziness or balance problems and have never had a Vestibular Assessment, this is your first step towards finding answers. Click here for more details on who should book a Vestibular Assessment.

During a Vestibular Assessment, you will let us know about your symptoms in detail. We will ask questions related to your health, medications and lifestyle.

We will perform basic balance tests in different stances and conditions (with eyes open and closed).

Then, using infrared googles, we will look at how well the inner sensors for balance are working, and how well the eyes, the whole body and the brain are working with these sensors to keep you balanced. Testing involves eye, head and body movements. This test is called VNG (Video-nystagmography). 

Whenever indicated, cervical and ocular VEMPs (Vestibular Evoked Myogenic Potentials) can also be performed at the Audio-Vestibular Clinic.

This comprehensive vestibular assessment can show signs of a peripheral (inner ear) and/or central (parts of the brain) disorder. This will be helpful to plan the best course of action for you, including recommended further medical investigations and more importantly, a treatment plan.

A detailed report is sent to your Family Doctor and any other specialists you indicate during your appointment. We will strive for excellence, ensuring continuity of care, in a timely and tailored fashion.