Several vestibular and balance disorders can be treated or managed by means of maneuvers or personalized exercise programs. It all starts with an accurate assessment of the vestibular system. Learn more about it here

We specialize in maneuvers for positional vertigo, including Epley maneuver. We are also experienced treating complex forms of positional vertigo such as crystals in multiple canals or forms resistant to treatment.

However, a variety of other vestibular disorders do not respond to these maneuvers. In many of these disorders, a vestibular rehabilitation program is the most effective way to reduce symptoms. Vestibular rehabilitation exercises address symptoms such as sensitivity to movements, dizziness provoked by certain head movements, constant sensations of swaying or rocking, dizziness provoked by visual stimulation, imbalance and unsteadiness.

During the vestibular rehabilitation sessions, exercises are personalized to your symptoms and your current condition. Symptoms improve with regular practice of the exercise program. Request an appointment now to begin your journey to recovery!