Have you had dizziness for months or years and have never found out why? Have you been told you have vertigo and there is nothing you can do about it? Or that you have to learn to live with it? Have you actually tried vestibular rehabilitation but the dizziness keeps coming back? It may have started with an Acute Vertigo Spell but it has never gone away.

If you have been dealing with constant or recurrent dizziness for months, you may not only have reduced your level of activity but may also have had to change your lifestyle in several ways. You may have, for instance, reduced your work hours or stopped working all together, stopped driving, avoiding going out, particularly to busy places, avoiding reading, watching movies, working on computers or changed plans for travels.

Most naturally, if this is the case, you have been dealing with feelings of frustration, doubt, sadness, anger. You may also have difficulty sleeping, a sensation that you cannot think clearly or that your brain is in a fog. You may actually have been diagnosed with depression or anxiety and prescribed medication for it. But it has not helped with the dizziness.

In this case, the cycle may involve the avoidance of movement, fear of feeling dizzy or loosing balance, avoidance of activities, neck pain and headaches, and anxiety.

Breaking the cycle will most likely involve a few different strategies but booking a Vestibular Assessment will be first step. The goal of this appointment is to help determine whether the vestibular system (inner ear sensors for balance) is contributing to your dizziness. It may also help if it shows signs that the brain may actually be involved in the origin of your dizziness. Knowing what part of this complex system is likely to be the culprit will help us understand what you can expect from the recovery process and will guide us in putting together an individualized treatment plan.